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"AmaDazzle Academy" Custom Classes are
reserved for students traveling 100 miles or more
to Amarillo, TX and needing overnight accommodation.

Custom Classes are designed for those face and
body artists who are looking for an intensive learning
experience that will not devastate the pocketbook.
During the course of Christina's educational journey
in this craft, she has discovered an ideal environment
for teaching others her craft, and is excited to be
able to offer private and semi-private workshops
right here in Amarillo, TX.

Christina believes that the best learning environment
is "in the trenches" alongside an experienced peer
who is willing to gently guide an artist to the many
"light bulb" moments that occur while participating
actively in the process. Unlike the often distracting
convention room, with 50 or more students watching
a large screen, or even the smaller environment of
a remote workshop with 10 or 15 students attending,
Christina's Custom Classes offer instruction to NO
MORE than 4 students in one class, or even entirely
private instruction if preferred.

Custom Classes are available ONLY
by pre-arranged appointment.

Click HERE to view upcoming classes.

Custom Classes include:

Private or Semi-Private attention for at least
   6 hours each day.

Stress-free "classroom" instruction each morning.

Afternoons "in the trenches" at a nearby children's play place, with Christina supervising and instructing the entire time. While painting at this facility, any funds earned by the student will go towards use of the facility.

AFFORDABLE (only $15/day) accommodations in a comfortable home environment, including FREE breakfast and lunch each day.

FREE Transportation to/from the airport. Also transportation in and around Amarillo for any shopping/sightseeing.

Student Costs:

You must provide your own transportation to and from Amarillo, including airfare and/or any other travel requirements outside of Amarillo.

Daily Class Fees (see below).

$15/day room & board (if this option is chosen)

Your choice of dinner. You may choose from over a dozen restaurants within walking distance of the accommodations, any other restaurant in
Amarillo, or purchase groceries for dinners in-house.


Any student may choose to include a weekend day to spend at the children's play place with Christina. This opportunity carries two options:

1. Observation Only: You may spend the day observing Christina in her "natural environment",  painting faces at a pay-per-face venue. If you choose this option, Christina will still be instructing AS SHE WORKS, while a student is present.

2. Participation: You may choose to actually dive in and play at the local venue, again with Christina observing and coaching. While painting at this facility, any funds earned by the student will go towards use of the facility.

In order to be eligible for option #2, a student MUST have completed a minimum of two full days of instruction, and design options will be at Christina's discretion. This is a "real life" pay-per-face venue where the customer's satisfaction is foremost. If a customer is
unhappy with a design, it will be re-painted by Christina, with gentle coaching included.



First Day: $225.00

Per Diem thereafter: $175.00

(Maximum 3 students)

First Day: $125.00

Per Diem thereafter: $95.00

Contact Me to schedule a Custom Class.

If you are scheduled for a class and need to make a payment, you may do so at the
Online Store.